Huawei Mate 20 comes with in-screen fingerprint and can wirelessly charge other phones

Huawei’s new smartphone – Mate 20 – is probably the most technological innovation model this year. The flagship premiere was on October 16 in London and was streamed directly to YouTube’s channel. In addition to Mate 20, the improved version of Mate 20 Pro was also featured in the event.

One of the most exciting innovations in the new models is the presence of the world’s first fingerprint scanner built into the screen. Another curious introduction introduced in London is the smartphone option not only to charge wirelessly but also to charge other devices.

Huawei even allowed himself to joke with Apple on this occasion – to show that the new flagship can easily be loaded with other devices only by touch, giant Chinese officials have shown how the model can save the rest without the iPhone.

The two new smartphones also have improved performance that is guaranteed by the world’s first Cortex-A76 based processor and the world’s first Mali-G76 graphics card. This is even more impressive, given that smartphones also offer outstanding energy efficiency. For example, the Huawei Mate 20 CPU has 75% higher performance and 58% higher energy efficiency compared to previous models. Graphics are 46% and 178% respectively, and NPUs (the Neural Processing Unit) are 226% and 182% respectively.

Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro come with three rear and one front camera. At Mate 20, the most powerful is 16 megapixel, and Mate 20 Pro is impressive 40 megapixels.

Both phones are waterproof and can shoot underwater.

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